We keep your WP powered site up to date and running smoothly.

Never worry about another plugin, bug, or hack.

We've got you covered.

Do you sometimes need a page adjusted, a plugin installed, or content tweaked?

We do that for you.

How wpbroom works

More than just an awesome, high performance WordPress host, wpbroom is your personal WordPress assistant. We host and manage your site, we make your updates, we edit your content when you need, we consult on ideas and plugins, we add new templates; when you need work, we do the work!


Let us know of something you need done; a content tweak, a new page, maybe install a new slider plugin, etc.


We'll get right on it, and have the work done in no time. Our typical turn around for requests is under 48 hours.


We'll log the changes made for you, send you a confirmation of completion, and upload the changes to your site.

Edits, updates, content oh my!

wpbroom gets your changes done when you need them done. No more sifting through profiles, crossing your fingers, or hoping for the best. With wpbroom what you need just gets done.

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What wpbroom provides

Take a quick look at some of the main benefits of wpbroom, and we think you'll be impressed. No other service offers assistance with your content, plugins, media, and theme on demand, when you need it.


wpbroom includes unlimited help with your site every month, for whatever you need; pages, content, tweaks, plugins, etc.


blazing fast cpus, ssd storage, and cloud delivery means your site is delivered fast regardless of where your users are.


we are experts when it comes to WordPress, so why not take advantage of that? Bounce your ideas and goals off us any time.


free SSL, regular security updates, and 24/7 security monitoring give you peace of mind when it comes to your site.


we keep your site and plugins up to date with both manual and automatic updates along with routine checkups.

and support.

we're here to support you and to make sure your site is the best it can be. We do that with email, chat, and phone support.

wpbroom is for you if,


You need some direction on how to add a new section on your site, which plugin to choose, the best way to do something, etc.


You need someone to update a page, edit a theme, create a new layout, add a new post, install a plugin, or fix an issue.


Want a fast, secure site, always up to date with the latest plugins, with real people to help you out with whatever your site needs.

If any of this sounds like you, let's talk.

What wpbroom costs

wpbroom is super affordable. For a flat monthly fee you get all these awesome features + more.

  • high performance hosting
  • ssl https greenlock for free
  • security monitoring
  • plugins always kept up to date
  • done-for-you WordPress updates
  • uptime monitoring and restoration
  • weekly full-site backups
  • money back guarantee
  • regular manual site & SEO reviews
  • free site migration to wpbroom
  • unlimited site assistance every month
  • advice & consultation anytime
  • human-made recommendations for your site, every month
  • quick help; when you need work, just make a task and we’re on it
$169/mwhen paid annually
$199/mwhen paid monthly

That’s it. Just $169/m for our killer hosting, a safe & secure site, and a team of WordPress experts to help you with whatever you need.

Sounds great, right?Let's Do a Calland see how wpbroom can help you.